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Hardcore Shaver Lake Open by Sierra Marina

Shaver Open

2019 Shaver Open Information

New Location!!!!

The tournament will be located about 20 min. from its original location.  Continue on 168 through the town of Shaver. You will go around the lake and will need to turn into the parking area for Sierra Marina.  You will make a right and go down a small hill toward the marina, make a left into the parking area and continue past it, keeping to the right.  You will pass through a gate toward road 1, 2 and three. (Yes those are the names of the roads) You do not have to pay a fee to enter this area.  There is a small parking machine that tells you to pay, you do not have to.  You are going past all of these roads onto private property. No parking pass is necessary until you reach the entrance to our tournament.  You will have to pay a parking fee/entry fee for our tournament. Our staff will then guide you to your camping area or the tournament. If you do plan on parking on road 1, 2 or 3 you will need to get a day pass at the machine.  They have people giving tickets if you do not pay.


**You only need to pay for our parking pass if you are staying at the tournament.  If you are parking at roads 1, 2 or 3 then you must pay at the first gate (machine)


Team Registration

$ 1,100.00 Registration fee per team with on Site Camping 1 RV/Camp site per team

$1,000.00 Registration fee per team No on Site Camping

$300 No-show deposit.  This ensures that your team will be at every game.  When you check in at the tournament you will be required to leave a $300 deposit.  You can use cash, check or credit card. We will not cash it unless you do not show up for a game.  If you decide to leave early, or not to show up at a game, we will keep your $300 no-show deposit. When your team is done with all of their games please report to the registration desk.  We will give you your deposit back. Please realize that if you use a credit card it will take a couple days for your refund to post.

Registration includes:

2 Coach’s and 15 Players

1 Camping Site (1-RV and 2-large tents or 4-small tents) Our RV spots are limited until we have a better idea of our area in the spring time.

2 Parking Passes

T-shirts and Player/Coach pass for each Coach and Player

$25.00 fee will be required for each additional coach and player.


A $500.00 deposit will be required at time of registration confirmation.

The remaining $600 or $500 will be required to be paid by 4/1/2019 On 4/8/2019 your spot may be given away to another team that is paying full amount, you’re deposit will be refunded.

Cancellation after 6/1/19 we will deduct a $250.00 Cancellation Fee.  Cancellations after 7/1/19 we will deduct a $375 fee unless your spot is sold to another team on the waiting list and your team will be refunded all but the $250.00 Cancellation Fee.  Games Begin 8 a.m. Friday for 16U & 18U and at, 12pm for Masters. Masters Camping Check in time will be 4pm Thursday July 12th.  Please make sure you are on time for your first game.


16U and 18U games Begin 8 a.m.  Friday, Masters 12pm Friday

WE CANNOT guarantee you will not have games on Friday or that you will have early games on Sunday.  You can email to request no games Friday, it is not guaranteed though.  We are sorry but we have limited time and a large amount of teams


For individuals please email Hillary  @ Hillary Boos and she will get you the correct link.

Sponsored by Sierra Marina

Sierra Marina

Visit Website

Sierra Marina is offering special rates Boat rentals rates for the Shaver Lake Open.  Rent a Party Barge or Ski Boat all with one easy phone call.   Call Sierra Marina and use offer code Shaver Lake Open.

Sponsored by HARDCORE Polo


Visit Website

Hard Core is offering free T Shirts to every player who is registered for the Open.  They will also be selling a Custom made Shaver Lake Open suit that will be available for Pre-Order.  BE HARDCORE ! 

Additional Lodging Locations

If you choose to stay at another location here are some links that may help.

Edison Campgroud

Edison Camp Ground - 300 Yards swim to Event

Shaver Lake Village Hotel

Phone: 559-841-8289

China Peak Inn

Phone: 559-233-1200

Dorabella Camp Ground

200 Yard swim to event

Swanson MEadow

1 mile from Nevins Point Gate